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Vincent van Gogh, Wheat Field with Cypresses, 1889
Anonymous: Yo



I sent u this


Young Conor Oberst


i want someone to hold my hand in crowded places & talk to cashiers for me

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Note to self: Breathe in and breathe out and tomorrow will be a new day and don’t let anything or anyone bring you down and bad things happen but you just have to breathe in and breathe out and forget about it and smile smile all of the time bad things are bad but you are wonderful you are the best and you’ve improved so much and are very strong so please dont be sad I want you to wake up tomorrow and be happy and have a nice breakfast and have an okay day at school and paint and read and write and try to make conversation and laugh as much as you can laugh and smile laugh and smile

Anonymous: Are you in a relationship?



Another day another mirror pic