Anonymous: u got me into tigers jaw a few years back and my life has seriously improved every since thank u so much

Aw really that makes me happy :’-) You are very welcome haha!


Feeling sad? Listen to the LOST soundtracks

Feeling happy? Listen to the LOST soundtracks

Feeling angry? Listen to the LOST soundtracks

Feeling sad? Listen to the LOST soundtracks

Feeling? Listen to the LOST soundtracks

LOST soundtracks

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Anonymous: You have no idea of how bad i wanna kiss your pretty forehead

Oh wow this is very sweet :’-)


I Saw Water (Acoustic) - Tigers Jaw

I never felt that lost before,
I just don’t feel incredible .

But me, well of course I liked you.
Have time for me? I don’t expect you to.
I see me become a recluse.
It’s buried, easy to seclude.

uncertin: 14! ((libby)) :-/
  • 14. What was the most unnecessary death?

Ooo, I agree with Libby on that, her death gives me butterflies every time ah. And there are a few more deaths I think were unnecessary, (I mean I guess without them things wouldn’t have worked out the way they did), but my friend is in the middle of watching and I don’t want to spoil anything!

human-ly: 6! and omg yea with nikki and paulo i gasped at the end of the episode (dont want to spoil for anyone else)
  • 6. If you were on the island who would be your BFF?

Aw I would love to be friends with Hurley 100% (who wouldn’t honestly haha) And yeah, the end that episode was pretty scary! I couldn’t imagine being in that situation oh boy

themagnificentbuck: Also 3!
  • 3. The Character that is most like me?

I don’t think there is one character that is most like me, I think I see myself in bits and pieces in each of the characters! All of them have something I can relate to in them.

themagnificentbuck: I just started watching lost so this is exciting. 5!!

Aw really? I am excited for you! (I hope my answers to any of these questions doesn’t spoil anything for you)

  • 5. The most boring character?

Ooh this is a tough question, as none of the characters have actually ever bored me. I guess I’ll have to go with the two classic side characters that everyone hates, Nikki and Paulo, who aren’t seen until season 3 I believe. Their story/episode was not necessarily boring it was just very out of place and unnecessary, but it’s something that was so bad that it is actually good. 

Ask me about Lost
Anonymous: hey, i love those photos u took ! what type of camera did u take them with ? again, they're so cool and ilu !!! :)

Aw thank you! I just used a simple disposable camera (I don’t remember what kind exactly or anything), but you can find them anywhere I’m pretty sure! And then you take them some place to get developed. Thank you again and ilu too!