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Anonymous: hello allison!! i have followed you for quite some time, and ive watched you grow in many ways, but i admire you so greatly and you are such a wonderful person! I do believe you will go very far in this world, and i hope you have a nice day!

Hello! Ah wow wow this means a lot! Thank you so much, you are way too kind :’-) I hope you have a nice day too!

Anonymous: allison help ugh my parents are divorced and recently theyve been getting on my nerves w all the fights, i want to b respectful, but theyre supposed to be the adults. not me i just want them to stop using me as a messenger and calm down bc i will be 18 in 2 years so fighting is getting tiring! but they always think im just being rude and not respectful to them, so i end up in trouble. my gramma just died recently, so i get the tension, but its hard for me too! ugh what do i do

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Anonymous: you are the most beautiful piece of art i've ever seen wow...

This is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard, thank you so much :’-)

Anonymous: where do you shop for clothes n stuff? (if this has already been asked plz ignore it sorry)

I’ve been asked this a couple times recently and never have gotten around to answering yet! A good portion of my clothes are from thrift stores, but I also like H&M, Modcloth, Forever 21, Body Central, Walmart, the garbage, any place really!

Just trying to cope with stuff through art

Aw shucks you guys, all these nice messages, you are all great and I can’t thank you all enough and you are all the best and wonderful and *boops all your noses*


NASA just put a very nice camera on the ISS, and it takes very nice pictures
Anonymous: When you go through the 'starving artist' phase of your career I want to buy something and then when you're rich and famous and nobody can afford your art anymore I'll have something you made and be able to say 'I knew her before she became famous' and they'll all be jealous.

Oh my goodness! Haha I doubt I’ll ever be “famous”, but I am flattered you think so, and I’m flattered by this whole message actually so thank you thank you :-)

Anonymous: Your eyebrows and glasses n hair and face and style are all A+ tbh

You are A+!! Thank you!!

Anonymous: I think you're really rad and the thought of know you exist makes me happy.

Aw this makes me very happy, you are very kind :’-) Thank you so much!


Toby Jones

August Malmström (1829-1901), Weeds along a fence, watercolour/gouache, 31 x 42 cm.
Anonymous: ur rlly cute

*blushes* Ur rlly sweet thank you thank you