Just a little Christmas playlist I put together 

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Teahouse Treehouse - The Willow and the Builder


Anything For You - Ludo

But the best story that I could ever tell
Is the one where I am growing old with you.

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Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy- Crywank


Lying To You — Keaton Henson 

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Music is such a human thing, and we all do it, but it blows my mind that I get so much love from you, and it means so much to me, so thank you so much!

Jeff Mangum


Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh PA

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This is atrocious. 


The Name Game | Jessica Lange 

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You Will Be Mine (Acoustic) - The Narrative

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My Dream Girl Don’t Exist — Neutral Milk Hotel

My dream girl don’t exist
At the age of five she slit her wrist
She didn’t know that I’d be hanging around
So her parents buried her in the ground
And this day I can still hear the sound
Of a life in outer space